Medicare Supplement Insurance

As beneficial as Medicare can be, it doesn’t take care of all your medical expenses.  Typically Medicare will only pay up to 80% of your medical costs, leaving you to pay for the rest.  A Medicare Supplemental Plan can help pay for your out of pocket expenses.  CGI Senior Benefits can help you choose the most accommodating plan to fit your particular situation.

Medicare Supplements are private insurance products that handle some or even all expenses not covered by traditional Medicare Parts A and B. This includes such expenses as deductibles, coinsurance, extended hospital stays, and added doctors’ fees. Some plans also provide coverage for emergency care outside the United States.

CGI Senior Benefits agents can offer you a wide variety of Medicare Supplements from which to choose.  We’ll help you choose the right plan for your needs and help you review all of your options, which can be anything from a budget plan to comprehensive coverage plans.  All Medicare Supplement plans are standardized so the benefits from one provider to the next do not change.  However, rates and services can be extremely different.  That’s why you need to choose a company who will work with you to learn your specific needs to ensure you’re properly covered.  CGI takes pride in providing such personal, individualized service.

We’ll also ensure you’re enrolled properly.  There are certain benefits called Guaranteed Issue rights that are associated with your Initial Enrollment Period, which is the six-month period after you turn 65 (or older) and are also enrolled in Medicare Part B.  Certain states allow you to enroll at other times, however you’re best advised to purchase a Medicare Supplement within your Initial Enrollment Period.  We’ll walk through this process and ensure you have the best coverage for your unique needs.